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Orientation Schedule – Brief Overview

January Orientation

*Please note:  Orientation schedules are subject to change.  You will receive an up-to-date and descriptive schedule upon Orientation Check-In. Please use the following times to help plan your travel schedule.

Thursday, January 8th
2-4pm Residential Students: Move-In
5-7pm Residential Students: Dinner with Your OL (Seacobeck Hall)
8-9pm Residential Students: Housing Meeting (Lee Hall 412)

Friday, January 9th
8-11am Residential Students: Breakfast Provided (Seacobeck Hall)
8am-1pm Orientation Check-In (Seacobeck Hall – The Dome Room)
noon-1pm Lunch (Seacobeck Hall)
1-5pm Orientation Programming
5-6pm Dinner (Seacobeck Hall)
6-10pm Orientation Programming and Social Activities

Saturday, January 10th
11am-1pm Brunch (Seacobeck Hall)
1-5pm Orientation Programming, Various Activities
5-6pm Dinner (Seacobeck Hall)
7pm Evening Social Activity