What To Bring To Orientation!

Below is a checklist of some important things you will need to bring with you to First-Year Orientation


First-Year Students: What to Bring

_____  Comfortable clothing and shoes for Day 1 and Day 2. It’s casual so no need to dress up!

_____  A pillow and maybe an extra blanket if you need one (we provide sheets, towels, and a blanket)

_____  Any toiletries that you might need to feel comfortable (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, and any other hygiene products you might need)

_____  Hair dryer or curling iron

_____  Alarm Clock/Electronics Chargers

_____  Pajamas

_____  Driver’s license or government ID (you’ll need it to get your key for your evening housing)

_____  Your UMW NetID and Password—you’ll need it to register for classes. Not sure what it is or can’t remember your password? Go to http://umw.edu and click on the MyUMW link in the upper left corner.  If you have any problems or issues with your UMW NetID and password, please contact the IT Help Desk (http://technology.umw.edu/helpdesk) prior to your orientation session.

_____  An umbrella—always be prepared!

_____  A photo-ready smile if you’ve not submitted it for EagleOne

_____  A good attitude!