January Orientation Registration

January Orientation Registration2


Welcome New Eagles!

If you are a new student to UMW starting enrollment in January 2016 and you have paid your deposit, you may now register for Orientation! Please follow the instructions below to get started!

If you have navigated to this site looking to register for the Summer 2016 Orientation session, registration will open for those students in the middle of the spring semester. We thank you for your patience and we are excited to welcome you to the Eagle family!


Read all instructions

1. Keep This Window Open
Click the “Student Registration” button.  You’ll be taken to another page that opens in a separate window. Feel free to keep this one open so that you can follow the instructions (especially if you are registering a guest to bring, as well).
2. Log Into Eagle Gateway
Sign in using the credentials you used to fill out your student survey for classes. That’s your UMW NetID and password!  Don’t know what that means? Find out more about your UMW Login ID and Passwords.
3. Fill Out Form
Fill out the registration form and make sure you do so thoroughly. You will be asked to provide student information as well as potential guest information. There are about 3 pages, but it’s quick and easy!
4. Did you Register a Guest?
If you are planning on bringing a guest (someone in addition to the enrolled student), continue after registration with the yellow button below: “Pay for Guest Ticket.” If you did not register a guest, you have finished!
5. Pay for Guest
After you’ve told us all about your guests in your Orientation registration, you’ll need to pay for your guests.  Guest tickets are $40 for each guest above the age of 7 and the price includes materials and meals.  Please follow the button to the right to complete your Guest payment.