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FAQs for New Student Welcome 2020

We know you have a few questions so we are here to provide information as best as possible. Below are a list of a few FAQs: Q: I see New Student Welcome starts virtually. Does that mean I need to be prepared to log-in via Zoom? A: Yes. Just like you did during orientation, you'll log into Zoom. Make sure you create a Zoom account with your Mary Washington email so that you can get into the Zoom!   Q: Will I be provided a zoom account through UMW? How do I access it?  A: You will be able to access zoom through your UMW account by logging in with your NetID and password and we encourage you to use it.    Q: Will I have programming on New Student Welcome on my Move-In Day?  A: There will be evening programming on your Move-In Day but nothing during the day. Take the time to focus on getting settled and say goodbye to your family. Programming will start after 6:30 pm.   Q: Will we be starting each day early in the morning?  A: We won’t be … [Read more...]