FAQs for New Student Welcome 2020

We know you have a few questions so we are here to provide information as best as possible. Below are a list of a few FAQs:

Q: I see New Student Welcome starts virtually. Does that mean I need to be prepared to log-in via Zoom?

A: Yes. Just like you did during orientation, you’ll log into Zoom. Make sure you create a Zoom account with your Mary Washington email so that you can get into the Zoom!


Q: Will I be provided a zoom account through UMW? How do I access it? 

A: You will be able to access zoom through your UMW account by logging in with your NetID and password and we encourage you to use it. 


Q: Will I have programming on New Student Welcome on my Move-In Day? 

A: There will be evening programming on your Move-In Day but nothing during the day. Take the time to focus on getting settled and say goodbye to your family. Programming will start after 6:30 pm.


Q: Will we be starting each day early in the morning? 

A: We won’t be starting before 10 on each day. Some days you’ll start later! 


Q: Will there be programming every day of New Student Welcome? Will last all day? 

A: There will be programming daily but your programming won’t be packed all day. You’ll have time for breaks and there will be optional social and virtual programming for you to take advantage of as well. The day prior to your move-in, we will try to keep the programming relatively light so that you can get ready to move-in the next day. During your move-in day, no programming will begin until 6:30 pm!


Q: How do you know what day I move in?

A: Our program works closely with Housing and Residence Life to ensure that you are grouped with your First-Year Seminar throughout move-in and new student welcome. You’ll never have to be in a group larger than 15 students who will all be socially distant.


Q: Will every first-year student have exactly the same New Student Welcome schedule? 

A: No. Our program works closely with Housing and Residence Life to tailor your New Student Arrival schedule to your move-in day and FSEM. So, while every first-year student will participate in the same program, varying move-in dates and space limitations around physical distancing will mean that you may have a slightly different schedule than others who aren’t in the same FSEM as you. 


Q: Will we still be maintaining standards of physical distancing and mask-wearing during New Student Welcome?

A: Absolutely! Some of your sessions will be face-to-face after you arrive and other sessions will be virtual. Any face-to-face session will maintain the university’s standards of physical distancing.


Q: How will I obtain a mask?

A: Students are encouraged to bring their own masks but you will also receive a welcome pack as a new student. The welcome pack will contain a mask and hand sanitizer for your use. On-campus students will receive these in their rooms at move-in. Off-campus students will be able to pick them up at a designated location on campus walk–more information to come with specifics!


Q: Will there be hand sanitizer available on campus?

A: Yes, there are hand sanitizer stations throughout the buildings on campus. 


Q: When will I get information about the student COVID training that I have to take prior to my arrival on campus? 

A: The student training on COVID will be sent by Friday, August 7 to your UMW email. 


Q: Will there be any large group events that I’m required to attend?

A: No. All of your face-to-face sessions will be 15 students or fewer. Appropriate socially distanced guidelines and masks will be followed for each of these. 


Q: I’m commuting from home to campus in order to take precautions and don’t plan to be on campus at all during the fall semester. Can I still participate? 

A: Of course! Your FSEM Peer Mentor will be able to accommodate your virtual needs. 


Q: What is an FSEM Peer Mentor? Does every student have one?

A: An First Year Seminar (FSEM) Peer Mentor is an upperclassman that has gone through the first-year experience and has been trained to assist the students transition into the university. One FSEM Peer Mentor is assigned to each FSEM class, building the small group community. 


Q: How will I eat after I arrive on campus? Will meals be provided?

A: Meals will be provided for students after they arrive on campus. We are working with Dining Services on logistics around those meals but every student will be able to eat after they move-in. Meals during New Student Welcome will likely be grab and go to ensure that students can remain socially distant as they eat. 


Q: I don’t know my way around campus. Will there be an opportunity for a tour of campus?

A: Yes! We will offer socially distant tours of campus just after students move in. You will have an opportunity to identify where your classes are being held if you are taking in-person classes. 


Q: Will parents and guests have a virtual program for New Student Welcome?

A: We will be hosting a separate welcome for families and guests while students are in their programing.


Q: I can’t get into my UMW email. How do I reset my password? 

A: You can get more information about changing your UMW email password here: https://password.umw.edu/. You can also email the UMW helpdesk at helpdesk@umw.edu or give them a call at 540-654-2255 for assistance. The helpdesk is open from 8-5 on Monday through Friday. 


Q: How will I get my EagleOne?

A: Eagleone will have a table on campus walk from 8-5 Thursday through Saturday of move in where you can pick up your EagleOne if you submitted your photo prior to move-in. If you haven’t submitted your photo online, the portal will be open until August 17th. Please do so here: https://adminfinance.umw.edu/eagleone/attention-incoming-freshman-and-transfers/online-photo-submission-guidelines/


Q: I can’t get my EagleOne picture sized appropriately. What do I do?

A: First, try submitting your photo through a computer rather than a phone. Computers tend to work best. If that doesn’t work, you may need to resize your photo. You can download an app to help resize your photo if necessary. If all else fails, email the EagleOne office at eagleone@umw.edu with your photo and your full name and they will size it for you! 


Q: Will parents be allowed in the residence halls?

A: Parents will be allowed to help their students move in during their assigned time slot. After their move in time slot has expired, parents will lose access to their students’ residence hall. 


Q: Will I still be able to send my student a care package?

A: yes, here is the link for more information: https://www.ocm.com/mwc/carepackages


Q: How do I find out my mailbox number?

A: Your mailbox information is located on Banner, under Personal Information. There you will be able to view your Mailbox Combo and Meal Plans.


Q: Will wipes be provided for cleaning desks and tables for in-person classes? 

A: Yes, wipes will be provided and students will be asked to wipe down where they will be sitting before and after their class.