FAQs for New Student Welcome 2020

We know you have a few questions so we are here to provide information as best as possible. Below are a list of a few FAQs: Q: I see New Student Welcome starts virtually. Does that mean I need to be prepared to log-in via Zoom? A: Yes. Just like you did during orientation, you'll log into Zoom. Make sure you create a Zoom account with your Mary Washington email so that you can get into the Zoom!   Q: Will I be provided a zoom account through UMW? How do I access it?  A: You will be able to access zoom through your UMW account by logging in with your NetID and password and we encourage you to use it.    Q: Will I have programming on New Student Welcome on my Move-In Day?  A: There will be evening programming on your Move-In Day but nothing during the day. Take the time to focus on getting settled and say goodbye to your family. Programming will start after 6:30 pm.   Q: Will we be starting each day early in the morning?  A: We won’t be … [Read more...]

Orientation 2020: Families and Guests

Orientation for 2020 has moved to a virtual format for both students and families. While students will have a day of programming to acclimate them to the university, families and guests will have programming available to them in both a synchronous and asynchronous format over the course of the summer. We encourage families and guests to sign up to receive updates through your student's orientation registration. Most of the family and guest programming will begin on July 6 and run through July 31.   Some of the programming that families and guests can expect this summer will cover the following areas: -Academic Advising: Supporting Your Student -On Campus Housing -Off Campus Housing -Campus Safety -First-Year Fundamentals: Your Student, What to Expect - Your Next Steps -Campus Dining -The Honors Program (for admitted students) -The GI Bill and You -Getting Involved on Campus -Education Abroad -Out of State Student Panel -First in the … [Read more...]

Families & Guests

Click on a link below to find out more...   Orientation - Brief Schedule Overview  Lodging and Accommodations How Can I Get Involved as a Family Member?         January Orientation - Brief Overview Schedule The January Orientation is a one day experience for all students. A schedule overview can be found here*. *Please note:  Orientation schedules are subject to change.  You will receive an up-to-date and descriptive schedule upon Orientation Check-In and more details will be posted to this site in April. Please use the following times to help plan your travel schedule.     Lodging and Accommodations All first-year students, regardless of their residential status when the semester begins, stay on campus during the 2-day June orientation program. Guests and transfer students attending the 1-day program are not provided housing on campus and are encouraged to explore the hotels in … [Read more...]