Eagle Gathering 2020


Incoming students, please join us via Zoom at 7:45 on Sunday, August 23, 2020 on your New Student Welcome link. This is the link we have been using as the main link for large meetings daily. Parents, guests, alumni, staff, faculty, and current students may join via YouTube at https://youtu.be/P93PpWMKX3A

We ask that you wear your Mary Washington gear and/or colors. Please feel free to bring your own candle. For your reference prior to Eagle Gathering, the Alma Mater complete with lyrics is below. For further assistance, please email orientation@umw.edu for more information.

UMW Alma Mater


“All hail, dear Alma Mater,
We sing our praise to you.
High on Marye’s Hilltop
You stand forever true;
Born in truth and honor
You ever more shall be,
The model of our future years
And all eternity.

Whene’er we have to leave you
We never will forget,
The lessons you have taught us,
And all the friends we’ve met;
And we your sons and daughters
Will hold your name on high,
So here’s to Mary Washington;
Our love will never die.”