First-Year Orientation Schedule

Below is the screen reader accessible version of the 2023 schedule for First-Year Student June Orientation Schedule. Please click here to download the pdf version! Each student and guest will be provided a print schedule upon arrival for orientation!

All students and guests can park on campus all day at no charge. For more parking information, click here.

Day 1

7:30-8:30 am              Arrival (Double Drive–parking in the George Washington Lot located on College and Double Drive)

7:30-8:50 am              Student and Guest Check-In (Willard Hall)

9:00-9:30 am              Welcome and Schedule Overview (George Washington Hall, Dodd Auditorium)

9:30-10:00 am            The Partnership Begins

10-10:10 am               Students depart until afternoon

STUDENT Schedule (10:15 am – 1:50 pm)

10:15-10:30 am          Meet Your Orientation Small Group & Travel Time to the Hurley Convergence Center

10:30-11:25 am         UMW Success Workshops

11:25-12:00pm          Orientation Small Group Time

12:00-1 pm                 Lunch in OL groups (Chandler Ballroom, CRUC)

1:10-1:15 pm              Orientation Small Group Breakout

1:15-1:40pm               Summer Homework in OL group

1:40-1:50 pm             Travel Time to Dodd

GUEST Schedule (10:15 am – 1:50 pm)

10:15-11:20 am      A Step Ahead: Parent and Family Roadmap to the first-year

11:20-11:50             Campus Safety

11:45-12:00 pm     Travel to UC for Lunch

12:00-1:00pm        Lunch (Top of the CRUC)

1:00-1:15pm           Travel Time to Dodd Auditorium

1:15-1:40 pm          Campus Safety

1:40-1:50 pm         Reconnect with student

Students and Guests Return to Same Schedule

1:50-2:30 pm              Academic Expectations (Dodd)

2:30-2:40pm               Travel Time/Break

2:40-3:10pm               Off-Campus Student Session

2:40-3:10pm               Residential Student Session

3:10-3:15pm               Break/Travel Time

3:15-5:05pm               Concurrent Sessions

3:15-5:00pm               Drop-In Session: Soaring Through Your Finances (Panera, CRUC)

3:15-3:45pm               Concurrent Interest Sessions 1

3:55-4:25pm               Concurrent Interest Session 2

4:35-5:05pm               Concurrent Interest Session 3

9:00-5:00                     Bookstore Open

5:05-5:15pm                Travel Time

5:15-6:15pm                 Dinner (Top of the CRUC)

6:15pm                          Guests say goodbye for the evening


6:15-7:30 pm               Optional Guest Dessert Reception with Administrators (Maple Room/Linden Terrace, UC Fourth Floor)


6:15pm                          Students meet their OLs (second floor of CRUC) and change clothes if they would like to for evening activities

6:30-6:45 pm              Travel time to HCC

6:45-7:45 pm              UMW Live (HCC Digital Auditorium):  Learn what to expect from your transition into UMW and resources available to help you from current students in a fun and entertaining way

7:45-8:15 pm              Orientation Small Group Time

8:30-10:00pm             Choose Your Own Adventure (Evening Activities): Have a great time with your new friends exploring campus and engaging in other fun activities of your choice to help get you comfortable with life at UMW.

10:00-10:30pm           Meet your OL groups for t-shirts and pizza (2nd floor, CRUC)

Day 2

Please note that guests and students are separated until noon.


7:00-7:30am               Check-out of Res Hall

7:30-7:45am               Travel to UC, bring luggage to Colonnade Room, CRUC

7:45-9:00am               Real Talk: Breakfast with Student Panel (Chandler Ballroom)

9:15-12:00 pm            Academics and You: Getting Ready For Your First Semester

                   Wrap up with your OL Group

12:00pm                      Catch up with your guest

12:15pm-1:15pm        Guided Housing tour

12:15-2:30 pm            Housekeeping: Offices around campus are open and available to help get you ready for the fall

1:30 pm                      Make sure you’ve picked up your bags from the Colonnade Room!


8:00-8:50 am              Guest Campus Resource Fair & Meet and Greet (Hurley Convergence Center)

9:00-11:45 pm            First-Year Fundamentals (HCC Digital Auditorium)

12 pm                           Reconnect with Student

12:15pm-1:15pm        Guided Housing tour

12:15-2:30 pm            Housekeeping: Offices around campus are open and available to help get you ready for the fall

Students should pick up bags from Colonnade Room by 1:30 pm!