January Orientation Registration


If you are a new student starting enrollment in January 2022, please follow the instructions below to register for orientation on January 7th. Please read all of the registration and payment instructions carefully.


1. Keep This Window Open

Click the “Student Registration” button below.  You’ll be taken to another page that opens in a separate window. Feel free to keep this one open so that you can follow the instructions.

2. Log Into VZ Orientation

Sign in using your UMW credentials–that’s your UMW NetID and password!  Don’t know what that means? Find out more about your UMW Login ID and Passwords.

3. Fill Out Form

Fill out the registration form and make sure you do so thoroughly. You will be asked to provide student information, guest information, as well as complete a short questionnaire. Some of this information will be used to adjust the programs that are available during Orientation. Please pay close attention to these questions and answer honestly so that programming during Orientation accurately reflects what you want and need.

4. Did you Register a Guest?*

If you are planning on bringing a guest, make sure that you add them to your registration form. If you are unsure about whether or not you will bring a guest, you can always log back in and add them later.

5. Register for Classes

You can begin registering for classes now! Call Academic Services at 540-654-1010 to speak with an Academic Advisor and get your schedule set before attending orientation.