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The University of Mary Washington’s New Student Orientation welcomes all incoming first-year and transfer students and their families to campus.  The Division of Student Affairs and the Orientation Staff are committed to making students and their families feel welcomed, involved, and connected to the University.  At Orientation, students meet other incoming and current students, register for academic courses, and learn more about the UMW campus, policies, and traditions.

Orientation is a mandatory experience for new students entering the university. New students entering during the fall semester attend summer orientation, while those entering during the spring semester attend January orientation. The summer orientation virtual program will occur on separate one day experiences for first-year and transfer students. The January orientation program occurs during one day before the start of the spring semester.

During virtual orientation, incoming students will be introduced to an orientation leader who will guide them through their next steps.  The OLs will introduce them to aspects of campus, academics, and resources available to them as they transition to academic and student life at UMW, and generally start to become acquainted with activities that they can be involved in at UMW.

There is no up front cost for students for the required virtual Orientation program as it will be billed to your account. We encourage guests to register for virtual Orientation with more details to follow about the sessions & webinars offered to guests over the summer (these will be separate from the student session).

Registration will open on Monday, April 19! For more information on how to register and to access the link, click here.

Virtual First-Year Orientation Dates 2021

Session 1: Monday, June 14

Session 2: Tuesday, June 15

Session 3: Wednesday, June 16

Session 4: Thursday, June 17 * (STP, Open Enrollment)

Session 5: Friday, June 18

Session 6: Monday, June 21

Overflow Session: Monday, June 28

July Session: Wednesday, July 14

August Session: Friday, August 13

Virtual Transfer Orientation Dates 2021

Friday, May 14

Friday, June 11

Tuesday, July 6

Friday, August 13

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