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What are the dates for Orientation? Is Orientation mandatory for all students? Will I be staying overnight and, if so, where?
Do I have to pay anything in advance to attend? When do I register for classes? Can I bring a parent or guests to Orientation?
How can I request disability-related accommodations? Do I need a parking permit?  How do I register?
What if I can’t attend any of the listed Orientation Sessions? How do I get more information about Orientation? Including schedule specifics. UMW Common Terms



What are the available dates for Orientation?

First-Year Orientation Dates 2019

Session 1: June 10-11– This is the required session for students who wish to participate in the first Summer Orientation Adventure Retreat (SOAR).
Session 2: June 12-13
Session 3: June 17-18 – This is the required session for students who wish to participate in the second Summer Orientation Adventure Retreat (SOAR).
Session 4: June 19-20 – This is the required session for students who are Jepson Scholars or participating in the Summer Transition Program (STP).
Session 5: June 24-25
Session 6: June 26-27

Transfer Orientation Dates 2019

May 17
June 14
July 9

August First-Year & Transfer Orientation

August 20



Is Orientation mandatory for all students?

Yes. Orientation is essential in providing to you all the resources you need to make your time at UMW as successful and fulfilling as possible. Please note that you will be billed for the New Student Arrival and Programs (which includes the fees for Orientation) whether or not you attend. This fee goes towards your meals, materials, and staffing during orientation as well as programming that occurs throughout the fall semester.

Remember to start getting into the habit of checking your UMW student email! Need help? Visit the IT webpage.


Will I be staying overnight and, if so, where?

Transfer Orientation is a one-day event and students will not stay overnight.

All First-Year students attending June Orientation will be required to stay overnight. Students will arrive on day 1, stay the night, and leave on day 2 of their Orientation Session. During your two-day Orientation session, you will have a room and key assigned to you. You will either be staying in Randolph Hall or Mason Hall depending on which session you attend. You will have a roommate for the night so if you are planning on coming to the Orientation session with a friend and you would like to room together for the night, make sure you check-in together so you can get the same room.

If you are planning to be a commuter, we are providing housing for your for the night as well. Staying overnight in our residence halls is a wonderful experience and will allow you to socialize and get to know your future classmates.

If you have any specific housing concerns or the timing of your arrival, please e-mail reslife@umw.edu at least 48 hours prior to your arrival.

Families and Guests will not be provided with lodging. Please see: Lodging and Accommodations to review the great lodging establishments we have in the Fredericksburg Area.


Do I have to pay anything in advance to attend?

As a student enrolling in classes at UMW, you do NOT have to pay anything in advance to attend orientation. The charge will automatically be included in the “New Student Arrival and Programs” fee on your UMW Bill. The fee will be posted to your student account, then billed to you with the rest of tuition. 

If you are bringing guests, there is a fee of $40 per guest 7 years of age and older. Guest fees are paid online at the time of orientation registration. While edits to guest registration can be made at any time free of charge, any cancellation of guests will result in a partial refund only.


When do I register for classes?

First Year Students will register for the majority of their classes on Day 2 of Orientation. There are introductory seats held for every June session, so students will not be at any advantage or disadvantage depending on which session they choose.

Transfer Students can set up an appointment with the Office of Academic and Career services to register for classes. They may be reached at 540-654-1010. Those who do not register ahead of time will be provided with an appointment time at orientation check-in.


Can I bring a parent or guests to Orientation?

Parents and guests are more than welcome to attend Orientation with you! In fact, we have programming that is set aside just for them during the experience.  Some students come alone and some come accompanied, there are about half of each. Families and guests will have a separate schedule from the students, sometimes you will be together and other times you will be separated to attend specific programming. There is an additional cost of $40 per guest over the age of 7 to cover program expenses. Guest cancellations will not result in a full refund, however guest information can be adjusted at any time free of charge. If students are unable to pay for a guest at the time of registration, they are advised to complete registration in order to reserve their seat and log back in later to add their guest. Housing will not be provided to guests, please take a look at the wonderful lodging accommodations we have in the Fredericksburg area under Lodging and Accommodations.


How do I request disability-related accommodations?

If you wish to request disability-related accommodations, please include those accommodations in your registration when prompted. These accommodations will cover you ONLY during the Orientation experience. If you have any further questions about accommodations we offer during orientation, feel free to call the Office of Student Involvement at 540/654-1444.  If you have questions about how to register for accommodations for the academic year, please contact the Office of Disability Resources at 540/654-1266.



Do I need a parking permit?

First-year attendees will be given a permit for Orientation upon arrival at no additional charge.

Transfer students arriving for their sessions will not require a parking permit as a lot will be set aside for these attendees.

Parking passes for the school year for upperclass students or commuter students are available through Parking Management.



How do I register for Orientation?

Registration for all incoming students who will be starting in Summer 2019 or Fall 2019 is currently open. For more information on how to register and to access the link, click here.



What if I can’t attend any of the listed Orientation sessions?

Please call the Office of Student Involvement at (540) 654-1444 and we can speak with you about how to proceed.



How do I get more information about Orientation including schedule specifics.

The specifics of the schedule are forthcoming.




Common UMW Terms

Term Explanation
Ball  Ball Circle
CPB Campus Programming Board
Dodd  Dodd Auditorium located in George Washington Hall
EagleOne  The student identification card also used for entry into residence halls and dining halls. This card will also swipe students into the fitness center and various on campus events.
Jeffy Square Jefferson Square
SCRiB Student Conduct Review Board
OL Orientation Leader
PM Peer Mentor
Sammy D. Eagle An Eagle and the official mascot at UMW
UC The University Center; commonly used to refer to the 4th floor dining
SGA The Student Government Association
The Turf The intramural fields
UG The Underground; a dining facility and popular spot for night entertainment
Student Services Academic Services, Registrar, Financial Aid, Parking Management, and Cashier on the 2nd Floor of Lee Hall