Pre-Arrival Programs

The University of Mary Washington offers several Pre-Arrival Programs that students may take advantage of as they begin their journey on campus. Please take a look at find out more about the programs available to you!


  • The Students in Transition Program (STP) is an invitation-only program designed to provide year-long support to selected freshmen students as they adjust to new experiences and opportunities at UMW.  In the program students learn strategies to adjust to the academic demands of college life, develop study plans based on their learning styles and build connections with faculty, staff and students.


  • The Student Orientation Adventure Retreat (SOAR) is an outdoor experience for students who would like to participate in an extended orientation experience. It is designed to give you an opportunity to build social connections with other trip members and introduce you to the amazing local natural areas surrounding Fredericksburg.  These trips are not only fun, but are also a great way for incoming students to meet other first-years and learn about UMW from upperclassmen. Registration is now open, click on the website above!



  • NEST is a program open to first-year students and provides a unique opportunity to meet other incoming students, learn more about Mary Washington and the Fredericksburg area and get connected to the core UMW values of leadership, service, and social justice. Registration is now open, click on the website above!


  • The Transfer Semester Experience is a program available to any transfer student and is designed to assist this population as they navigate these first critical months at UMW.  The program allows support for students in a highly individualized and focused way as and offers several opportunities to connect to the campus community both inside and beyond the classroom.