How to Register

This page will answer any questions you have about registering for orientation.


  1. When can I register?

Registration for Summer Orientation will open on March 14th, 2023.

The student registration button below will allow you to access the UMW Orientation Registration portal once it is published.

Need accommodations for orientation?  Please make requests through the registration process. You can reach the Office of Disability Resources here if you have any specific questions.


  1. How do I register?


Click on the Student Registration button above and follow the following steps.

1. Log into VZ Orientation Sign in using your UMW credentials–that’s your UMW NetID and password!  Don’t know what that means? Find out more about your UMW Login ID and Passwords.
2. Fill out the Registration Questionnaire Students: Fill out the registration form and make sure you do so thoroughly. You will be asked to provide student information, guest information, as well as complete a short questionnaire. Some of this information will be used to adjust the programs that are available during Orientation. Please pay close attention to these questions and answer honestly so that programming during Orientation accurately reflects what you want and need.
3. Are You Bringing a Guest? If you would like a guest to be included in the orientation process, please add them to your registration form. If you are unsure about whether or not you will bring a guest, you can always log back in and add them later. Information will be send to their email address about the programming we will have available for guests.

Remember to start checking your UMW student email! Need help setting up your email? Visit the IT webpage.


  1. What are the dates for Orientation?

First-Year Orientation Dates 2023

January 6th (for Spring Entry Students only)

June 13-14

June 15-16

June 20-21

June 22-23

June 27-28

Transfer Orientation Dates 2023

January 6th (for Spring Transfer Students only)

May 19

June 12

June 26

  1. Is there a cost for Orientation?

 The cost for orientation and new student welcome will automatically be included in the “New Student Arrival and Programs” fee on your UMW Bill. The fee will be posted to your student account, and then billed with the first semester’s tuition. Included in your registration are meals during the session, all Orientation materials and programming, and presenters. The fee also goes towards programming that happens throughout the spring semester.

Guests are invited to attend programming for in-person orientation for a $40 fee.  Guest information can be added at the time of orientation registration and can be altered at any time.  If a guest would like information about the orientation process, it is important that a guest is registered.


  1. How do I register my guest(s)?

Guests can be registered online at the time of orientation registration, or anytime after registration is complete by clicking here and logging back into the registration system. There is a $40 fee for guests to register for the optional in-person orientation and information can be altered at any time. If a guest would like information about the orientation process, it is important that a guest is registered.


  1. When do I get to register for classes?

First-year students will have the opportunity to meet with academic advisor virtually during the summer. Don’t worry about which session you’ve signed up for, the same number of seats are held in introductory classes for each orientation session. Those who attend later sessions are not at a disadvantage while registering for classes.

Transfer students are encouraged to speak with Academic Services prior to orientation; you can contact them at (540) 654-1010. All students will also receive an appointment time during orientation if they have not already arranged their schedule.


7. How and when do I register for pre-arrival programs?

NEST is a program for students entering during fall 2023! Students can register through the same system that they used to register for orientation. Please note that your seat will not be secured until you pay the program fee. Click here to sign in and get your spot!


If you have any further questions, please contact the New Student Programs Team at or call (540) 654-1061.