UMW to English Dictionary

Canvas- Canvas is a website with different sections for all the courses you’re enrolled in. Professors typically use Canvas to post notes, assignments, grades and announcements. It’s definitely a good idea to check Canvas often to make sure you’re up to date with your classes.


Ball Circle- Ball circle is the grassy area between the University Center and Lee Hall. A lot of important events take place on ball circle each year, including Club Carnival, Devil-Goat Day and Graduation. This is also a really great area for playing frisbee, relaxing, petting dogs or reading a book.


Bench Sitting- According to Urban Dictionary (yes, we’re on Urban Dictionary),bench sitting is a “leisure activity unique to University of Mary Washington students where one or more students observe the activities and/or listen to the conversations of others while sitting on a campus walk bench.”


The Beach- The beach is the grassy area between Randolph and Mason.This is an additional space where people play frisbee, relax, and pet dogs on warm days.

Jeffy Square- The grassy area between of Jefferson, Bushnell, and Combs. The Big Ash Bonfire, held during Homecoming Week, takes place here every Fall Semester and the Quidditch team also uses it as their playing field. Yes, we have a quidditch team like in Harry Potter.


UC- The University Center! It’s the big building across from Lee Hall that holds the main dining hall on campus, Q’doba, Jamba Juice, and Li’l Joe’s! The UC also holds offices if you’re looking to get involved on campus, such as the Center for Honor, Leadership, and Service, Student Activities and Engagement, and the James Farmer Multicultural Center.


Banner – Banner is an online hub for just about anything. Here, you can find information about your student records, financial aid, registration holds, and more! You can log onto banner using your UMW NetID and password.


MyUMW – MyUMW is a communication portal between the Office of Student Activities and Engagement (SAE), clubs, organizations, etc. and the student body. Here, you can join your club’s portal as well as apply for open on campus jobs, vote in student elections, and be kept in the loop of what events are happening on campus. Additionally, you can access many tools such as financial aid and registration that Banner also has to offer you.