Welcome Info for Transfer Students 2020

New Student Welcome Programming:

Optional Programming: Tuesday, August 18 – Thursday, August 20
Transfer Program: Friday, August 21, Sunday, August 23


Whether you are an off-campus student or a residential student as of Tuesday, August 18 there will be lots of great activities planned for you to help ease your transition into the Eagle community. From a family and student-friendly welcome from the President to learning out about how to be more academically successful, new student arrival programming will help prepare you to be the best Eagle you can be!

New Student Welcome for transfer students will begin virtually on August 18 with tons of optional activities.  You will meet LOTS of new Eagles, first-year and transfer and find out what to expect over the next several days of New Student Welcome.

The primary portion of programming for transfers will occur on Friday, August 21. At this time, transfers will receive information about campus resources, training around the Honor Code, attend Honor Convocation, and sign the Honor Pledge with the rest of the incoming class.